[triangle-zpug] UNC Chapter of TriZPUG met today

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Sep 14 23:15:24 CEST 2006

Mark R. Biggers wrote:
> Will this go forward as an "open to UNC participants only" meeting?  I
> would imagine that folks who can't or won't attend the regular TriZPUG
> meetings might have interesting things to share, apart from UNC campus
> business or concerns.
> If the meeting is not closed to non-UNC folks, I hope you all post
> your meetings & topics to the TriZPUG email list.
> Just curious, we might all gain from more participation one way or
> another.

It was formed to address campus specific issues. And at the first 
meeting, the first couple of projects taken on were campus specific and 
sensitive. So far the group isn't even publicized to everyone on campus, 
only to persons known to be involved in Python projects for campus 
infrastructure. And then only faculty, staff, and grad students were 

I imagine, though, that there will be things, particularly presentations 
and workshops, which will cross-pollinate.


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