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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed May 31 20:43:43 CEST 2006

Dave Powell wrote:
> ...has anybody tried PyDev for eclipse?...it looks pretty full featured, 
> and is free...anybody know if it allows for debugging?...

PyDev includes a "High-speed Debugger (on par with the best debuggers 


# Python and Jython support
# Watch
# Breakpoints
# Step in/out/over
# Multiple threads
# Variable display
# File hyperlinks in the console output (you can click on stack traces)

It also include PyLint (disabled by default).

Some links:


At Plone Conference 2005 I saw the following talk, but the presentation 
files have gone missing (this irritates the crap out of me). Contact the 
presenter, I guess:

Eclipse: The What, Why, and How by Rocky Burt

Rocky is looking for other people who use Eclipse and PyDev with Plone: 
rocky the at sign serverzen the dot mark com.

At Plone Conference 2004 I saw the following talk, but that presentation 
file is missing on plone.org. Contact the presenters, I guess. Riaan 
Booysen is the author of BoaConstructor. Joel you know. Gogo (Georg 
Bernhard) is... too cool for school; and gogo the at sign bluedynamics 
the dot mark com.:

Developing and Debugging Zope and Plone with BoaConstructor
Riaan Booysen and Joel Burton and Gogo from Bluedynamics

"Boa Constructor is a powerful open source development environment for 
building Python applications, including tools for managing Zope sites 
and adding and modifying Zope/Plone content, such as PageTemplates or 
PythonScripts, right within the IDE. It also includes a flexible 
debugger and object introspection system. In this tutorial, we'll cover 
how to use Boa Constructor to help build and manage your web site, and 
will cover how to setup your Zope/Plone site for debugging with Boa. In 
addition, we'll take a quick look at two other popular debuggers, 
WingIDE, and Komodo, and compare their features."

- Overview of BC, where it is, where it's going
- Developing sites using Boa
- Debugging using Boa Constructor
- Short compare to WingIDE
- Short compare to Komodo
- General tips of debugging Zope/Plone
- Questions

There was a demo of Wing, Boa, and Komodo IDEs at the Feb 2005 TriZPUG 
meeting by Tom Bryan at Ben's place at Duke. There are no files or notes 
from that on TriZPUG.org. Contact Tom. He's the testmeister extraordinaire.

> ...and if there are any other editors with things like code completion 
> that folks are using, i'd love to hear more...

I use jEdit a lot. Not because it's great for Python. But because I've 
been using it for a long time and it has more language modes than Emacs. 
For Python, I get Jython and syntax highlighting. That is, the whole 
editor is scriptable in Jython. I'm not big on code completion because I 
can type faster than I can pick off a list and it gets in the way of 
typing. I see no reason for other people to use jEdit, however. It's 
just something I'm comfortable with.

Eclipse blows. That's just me. Great idea. Overwhelming execution. I'll 
probably have to end up using it one day when it puts everything else 
out of business.

I liked Wing when we used it in Plone Boot Camp.


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