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Stephan Altmueller Stephan_Altmueller at unc.edu
Wed May 31 19:26:43 CEST 2006

I have (bought and) tried Komodo in the past, when it was version 2.x
and I was disappointed. I remember the user interface being kind
of unresponsive a lot of times (on a P4 laptop with 512MB).
I also felt that it was bloated, because it not only supports python, but
a lot of other scripting languages (PHP, Perl, ...).
There is a newer version  (v 3.5.3) out, that is probably better.

I eventually returned to using emacs.

I am using WingIDE at work now and I think it's much better.
Like Rob said it does everything I need it to do.

If you do a lot of Python programming it's money well spent.

- Stephan

Rob Lineberger wrote:
> Dave Powell wrote:
>> hey guys...
>> ...we were talking about editors/ide's last night, and besides Rob 
>> touting
>> Wing, i didn't hear a lot of other options... 
> Options?  What are these options you speak of?
> Seriously, though, my official stance is that I haven't tried anything 
> else because Wing does everything I've needed thus far.  I'd be 
> interested to hear other good choices though.
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