[triangle-zpug] triangle-zpug Digest, Vol 35, Issue 20

Dimauro, Frank FDimauro at unch.unc.edu
Wed Mar 29 17:32:27 CEST 2006

Kudos to Mike Revoir for hosting last night's Trizpug meeting...great
auditorium at Duke's Hock Plaza that could easily fit 100 people...only four
of us in attendance...sadly. But Geoff Davis did a great presenatation on
CacheFu which serves to greatly speed up any Plone site. (Beta version is
available but documentation is spotty so caution is advised. Geoff said that
they will work on beefing up documentation with future releases.) Can work
with or w/o Squid.

Kurt, thanks for offering to stream this presentation. I'm sure Geoff could
be talked into re-doing it if someone is willing to videotape it ...Dave
Powell in UNC School of Pharmacy has access to some cool teleconferencing
tools...so Dave? How about it?

A few of us are having a drink with Chris Johnson from if people
(http://ifpeople.net/) from Atlanta, in town for a conference. I think we
finally did settle on Lantern at 6pm on franklin street this evening. (Sorry
about the confusion, Veda) We'll be in the back having drinks. 
Frank Dimauro

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Well, were were a small group, but Geoff demonstrated his l33t CacheFu to
our awe and amazement. Congratulations are in order as today also marked the
release of CacheFu 1.0 beta.


I apologize for the lack of publication for this event. Everything happened
last minute (Ben, I hope you and your arm heal quickly) but next time around
things will be better announced and published.

Have a nice day,


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