[triangle-zpug] Wed. evening watering :)

Veda Williams vedawms at unc.edu
Fri Mar 24 17:45:07 CET 2006

Hm... A cab is probably your best bet, though it won't be cheap. It could be
as much as $25 to get from the hotel to Chapel Hill. If that's too much for
you, the alternative is for us to meet you closer to where you are staying.

We could meet at a place at SouthPoint Mall (*shudders*) or there is a pub
on 54 that is pretty good. I'm struggling to remember the name of it at the
moment, though. 

Frank, would you be open to meeting a bit closer to that neck of the woods?

- Veda

On 3/24/06 11:25 AM, "Christopher Johnson" <cjj at ifpeople.net> wrote:

> Frank, Veda, and others -
> Wed. evening is great for me. I am staying in Raleigh/Durham near
> airport (Hilton).
> Any recs on how I get to Lantern area (which is Chapel Hill, right?) ?
> Is there public transport in this area? Taxis advisable? Thanks in
> advance for the local info :)
> Cheers,
> Chris
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