[triangle-zpug] triangle-zpug Digest, Vol 35, Issue 16

Veda Williams vedawms at unc.edu
Thu Mar 23 23:00:16 CET 2006

Sorry for the weird reply. I am getting batched emails, so doing a quick


I also get errors when adding a workflow via the ZMI.  I usually copy an
existing workflow, paste it, and modify it.  Does that work for you?


>> Yes, normally it works to copy from the original. I was just thinking on a
practical level in case I screwed up my original plone workflow and wanted a
fresh one. And, as it turns out, Chris is right, I totally didn't see the ID
field at the top of the page and that was the reason it threw an error. - Veda

>> Re: Chris's comments:

We are doing this on a test instance and not production, correct? We
want to develop our workflows on a test instance, and then bake it out
to the filesystem with DCWorkflowDump when we're happy with it. We can
then check that filesystem workflow code into version control and roll
it out to our production system from there.

>> I'd like to know more about this DCWorkflowDump and the VC system, as we
don't have anything like that set up just yet. Hopefully can talk more about
this soon. Thanks! - Veda

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