[triangle-zpug] Getting DisplayList to show Values instead of keys

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Mar 23 22:25:37 CET 2006

Rob Lineberger wrote:
> ~~~~~~~~~~
> I'm thinking the right way to go is to overwrite the getBuilding 
> accessor, but this seems like something that should be built in 
> already.

I think you could experience trouble somewhere if you change the 
accessor. I would either add another accessor for the value, or find out 
what the translate and/or getValue methods are doing. As I understand 
it, the vocabulary isn't a dictionary, but rather a tuple of tuples, or 
a tuple of strings which look dictionary-ish ("key=value"). Dictionaries 
are mutable. Strings and tuples are not. So something is doing something 


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