[triangle-zpug] Can I make my site logo an image map?

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Mar 23 01:10:12 CET 2006

Rick DeNatale wrote:
> So how important was Chris's point of changing the CSS, am I missing
> something that's going to bite me in the future here?

I bet there's a background image *behind* your new foreground image map. :)

Check your page information.

I bet it's being downloaded on every new image cache.

I think a new global_logo.pt was in my original suggestion. (Checks 
email folder. Yep, it was.) If you want to keep it in the ZODB (custom 
folder), and you don't need to replicate this behavior anywhere else 
except this site, and you'll never need to recover it, keep it there.


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