[triangle-zpug] Can I make my site logo an image map?

Rick DeNatale rick.denatale at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 21:27:26 CET 2006

On 3/22/06, Kurt Bendl <kurt.bendl at louisville.edu> wrote:
> Hey, how about creating your own global_logo.pt and adding your custom
> imagemap
> stuff there? Might that work?

I'm trying to follow Chris Calloway's original sketch, and that seems
to be the next step, but first I need to get the CSS to stop using the
logo as a background image.

I've now renamed my copy of ploneCustom.css to ipmsCustom.css and
added it to the CSS registry.  If I turn the debug flag on so that the
style sheets don't get merged, then I do see my customization, but it
doesn't seem to have any effect.   ipmsCustom.css is the last in the
list both on the css registry page and the list of embedded style
sheets in firefox.

Since my definition of #portal-logo is last, shouldn't it be in effect?

If I turn merging on then my customization gets put into
/portal_css/ploneStyles5355.css and the original definition of
#portal-logo is in /portal_css/ploneStyles6598.css

The list of embedded styles is
<!-- @import url(http://ipmsr12.denhaven2.com/portal_css/ploneStyles6598.css);
<!-- @import url(http://ipmsr12.denhaven2.com/portal_css/member.css); -->
<!-- @import url(http://ipmsr12.denhaven2.com/portal_css/ploneStyles2972.css);
<!-- @import url(http://ipmsr12.denhaven2.com/portal_css/ploneStyles5355.css);

Rick DeNatale

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