[triangle-zpug] June Meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Jun 22 15:57:25 CEST 2006

Mike Revoir <mrevoir at ...> writes:
> In an effort to make the meeting at Duke more accessible, I have
> changed the location from the Hock Plaza to the North Pavilion,
> located adjacent to the VA on Fulton Ave at  2400 Pratt Street,
> Durham, NC 27705.
> http://trizpug.org/Members/mrevoir/duke_lllh_logistics.

As I'm sure you remember, we have very special guests for this meeting:


Sean Gillies and Tom Elliot, who are visiting the Triangle and coming to our
meeting Tuesday, need a ride from their digs at the Best Western University Inn
in Chapel Hill to and from the meeting. I have a pickup truck and can accomodate
one of them. We very much need someone to speak up *now* to volunteer a ride.

If you are traveling from and back to Chapel Hill for the meeting and can help
with the rides, please drop me a line or give me a call at cell 599-3530. I'm on
vacation this week. But I need to get this transportation situation lined up
before the last minute as I'll have a lot of work to do when I get back.

Cheers, Chris

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