[triangle-zpug] Sponsor PloneCon Sprint?

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Thu Jul 27 21:05:15 CEST 2006

Chris Calloway writes:
 > I would like to ask your +/-/1/0 opinion on taking $500 of that income 
 > and using it towards the lowest level (Bronze) sponsorship of PloneCon:
 > http://plone.org/events/conferences/seattle-2006/sponsorship-information
 > with the condition that we ask that the sponsorship be used solely on 
 > after conference sprint expenses. $500 would pretty much fund the 
 > sprint. Spending $500 on PloneCon sponsorship would not affect TriZPUG's 
 > ability to host Camp Five.

Sounds great, do it.


Great ZPUG meeting on Tuesday (Paul and Chris)!

thank you,


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