[triangle-zpug] Photographer needed for PyCamp

Edmund Moseley edmund at unc.edu
Wed Jul 26 16:40:39 CEST 2006

Hi Chris,

I wouldn't say that I am much of a photographer, but am certainly 
willing to trade. I don't suppose taking a few snaps can be that tough!
I too am a pretty new affiliate to TriZPUG, and so don't feel my vote 
should weigh in heavily; However, sponsoring PloneCon does sound like a 
good idea to me.


Chris Calloway wrote:

> One of you TriZPUGers coming to PyCamp who doesn't already have a job: 
> we need an official photographer for PyCamp. I have a camera. In fact, 
> I would prefer my camera be used (known quantity with the web site in 
> many regards, etc.). We just need someone to take candid photos of the 
> class in session and get a head shot of every camper. I ask for 
> someone who doesn't already have a job at PyCamp to do this because I 
> know from experience if you aren't thinking "it's my job to take 
> pictures" because you are distracted thinking about both PyCamp and 
> your other jobs, you'll forget to take pictures.
> Edmund, if you want to trade jobs from the one we talked about last 
> night, that would be good.

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