[triangle-zpug] Sponsor PloneCon Sprint?

Tom Elliott thomase at email.unc.edu
Wed Jul 26 16:14:26 CEST 2006

I must recuse myself from voting on this issue, partly because I'm a 
recent affiliate of TRIZPUG, but mostly because I am the project 
director of the UNC project Chris references and on which Sean is 
working. We have alot to gain from this sprint!

That said, I would like to provide the following bits of information, in 
so far as it may support individual or institutional decision-making.

The Pleiades project, by virtue of the generosity of the National 
Endowment for the Humanities (our sponsor), is supporting Sean's travel, 
subsistence, salary, and other attendance costs for PloneCon and this 

Of course I would be delighted to see TRIZPUG support this sprint in the 
way Chris has described. Moreover, I would like to encourage 
TRIZPUG-affiliated developers with appropriate skills and interests to 
join the sprint *and* I challenge their employers/clients to match our 
commitment by supporting the participation of those developers.


Tom Elliott, Ph.D.
Director, Pleiades Project
Ancient World Mapping Center
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chris Calloway wrote:
 > I want to broach a delicate subject with you. I meant to do it last
 > night at the meeting. But it's as well I didn't because several people
 > who need to voice an opinion in this matter were not present last night.
 > This might seem a little long. But if you are in any way involved in
 > TriZPUG, please read to the end and respond.
 > PloneCon is Oct 25-27 in Seattle. Registration is open. I'm registered:
 > http://plone.org/events/community/plone-conference-2006
 > The weekend after PloneCon, there is to be a sprint, of course. One of
 > the concentrations at the sprint will be PrimaGIS developers. This is
 > essentially Google Earth for Plone:
 > http://www.primagis.fi/demo
 > The project leader, Sean Gillies, spoke at TriZPUG last month, and is
 > currently on retainer to a project at UNC:
 > http://www.unc.edu/awmc/pleiades.html
 > http://stoa.rch.uky.edu/pleiadesWiki/index.php/Main_Page
 > http://icon.stoa.org/trac/pleiades/
 > Disclosure: I am a member of the Advisory Committee of this project. I
 > am participating in the PrimaGIS sprint.
 > PloneCon is being hosted by ONE/Northwest, "a not-for-profit consulting
 > firm that helps environmental groups apply new strategies and
 > technologies for engaging the public and more effectively collaborating
 > with one another."
 > ONE/Northwest is helping with pre-sprint arrangements, like finding a
 > space and getting it set up, basically the tasks which require being in
 > Seattle well in advance of the sprint. But ONE/Northwest is not paying
 > for the sprint expenses like room rental or snack service. Essentially,
 > it is implied that sprint participants will do what they need to do to
 > fund this sprint if it is to happen.
 > This is why I am coming to you. This sprint needs to happen.
 > TriZPUG has some "income" of sorts from boot camps, but earmarked for
 > our "Camp Five/BBQ Sprint/Plone 3/Zope 3/Enterprise Plone/whatever it's
 > called" activity, which may be in December (at least, that's when a
 > proper facility makes itself available for free).
 > I would like to ask your +/-/1/0 opinion on taking $500 of that income
 > and using it towards the lowest level (Bronze) sponsorship of PloneCon:
 > http://plone.org/events/conferences/seattle-2006/sponsorship-information
 > with the condition that we ask that the sponsorship be used solely on
 > after conference sprint expenses. $500 would pretty much fund the
 > sprint. Spending $500 on PloneCon sponsorship would not affect TriZPUG's
 > ability to host Camp Five.
 > A Bronze PloneCon sponsorship would get a small TriZPUG logo displayed
 > on PloneCon web pages. I know of no other user group who has taken out
 > such a sponsorship for a PloneCon, so this would again demonstrate some
 > leadership from TriZPUG in the Plone community.
 > ONE/Northwest says, "Our goal is to have all sponsors confirmed and paid
 > by July 30, 2006." But we won't move on this unless there is clear and
 > resounding consensus from you before then, which is very soon. So please
 > speak up quickly and clearly.

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