[triangle-zpug] all (?) Python web frameworks, in a VMWare "box"

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Tue Jul 18 21:59:56 CEST 2006

Hi Chris,

Chris Calloway writes:
 > Mark R. Biggers wrote:
 > >   Python Web Developer Appliance
 > I'm downloading the torrent now. Have you tried this? Is it a bootable 
 > ISO for install?

Nope, it's a VMWare image, running OpenBSD.  You have to have some
sort of VMWare "desktop" install already configured.

It would still be cool to see this demo'ed, at a TRIZPUG meeting.

I wish someone would do this in a Xen "image" using Ubuntu Linux,
course ;)

thank you,

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