[triangle-zpug] Do you know any python/zope programers who might want to work with a local company?

Richard Ginn ginn at cornell.edu
Sat Jan 28 08:37:51 CET 2006

A friend of mine asked me to help him find some python programmers to 
help with writing a zope front end for a distance learning 
administration system.  So, naturally I'm asking here.  Anyone?     I 
asked before about anyone familiar with SAKAI but it's pretty new and 
you could pick it up along the way, so it's not a requirement.  They pay 
competitive salaries and would like to talk with people who have some 
experience already with python and zope.

I'm in Chapel Hill, my phone number is 933-0100, even though my email is 
ginn at cornell.edu   Please let me know if you know anyone, thanks.

Richard Ginn

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