[triangle-zpug] Logo madness

Rob Lineberger rob_lineberger at med.unc.edu
Fri Jan 27 16:30:40 CET 2006

Jim Allman wrote:

>On Jan 27, 2006, at 10:01 AM, Chris Calloway wrote:
>>It would be ideal if your idea could be executed as something circular
>>in shape, but I'm not going to cry about good ideas that aren't round.
>Interesting point about shape. Perhaps we can try for continuity with  
>similar round emblems and "wraparound" text.
>In the "spedometer" logo we also tried to incorporate the traditional  
>"Plone blue" colors, but added other colors for splash. It seems we  
>can loosen up the colors for more general Zope and Python events.  
>Don't know if either has a consistent visual identity ala Plone. Food  
>for thought.
>   =jimA=
The speedometer logo worked well.  Working from that, we could have a 
steering wheel with the plone logo where the manufacturer logo would be 
in the center, maybe some hands on the wheel, with the theme being "Take 
the Wheel" or "Drive your own Website" or "Who needs a chauffeur when 
you have plone" -- Something that symbolizes the individual taking 
control without relying on a web programmer to do everything.  
Similarly, the logo could be a leather shift knob with the Plone logo 
embossed on the head, fading out to the gear slots, with a logo like 
"Get into the Driver's Seat" or "How many gears does your website have?" 
I'm not ready to crown this the winning idea, but it will do in a pinch: 
round, automotive theme for consistency. 

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