[triangle-zpug] Presentations

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Jan 27 01:27:46 CET 2006

We had a good meeting Tuesday night.

Thanks to Robert Petrusz for the nice refreshments and meeting room at 
Duke's John Hope Franklin Center, as well as creating all the 
announcements. There were eleven of us and some new faces. We had a good 
time afterwards at The Federal.

My distutils presentation is up:


I saved Python Eggs for another time in order to keep down the length of 
my presentation.

Ben, if you'd like to upload your presentations, please link them on the 
meetings page:


Paul Smith is checking on whether we can have our next meeting in 
Raleigh at Capstrat headquarters (near the RBC Center).

I had lunch with Rob Lineberger today and he is excited about Wing IDE. 
He may put together a presentation.

Adam Hupp mentioned he may want to put together a lightning talk on 
iPython, the interactive python shell from SciPy. Adam is considering 
his availability, given his wedding plans, for instructing the 
scientific (Numeric, SciPy, matplotlib) portion of Python Boot Camp.

Enfold Systems is considering sponsoring or sending Alan Runyan to 
instruct a portion of Python Boot Camp. Thanks to Frank Dimauro of UNC 
Healthcare and David Heath of Enfold for the hook up.

Joel Burton has agreed to instruct our next Plone Boot Camp. He is 
available March 13-17 but is still checking with Cignex on other times.

Jim Allman and I will be moving our website to a new server and 
migrating to the just released Plone 2.1.2 this month. Plone 2.1.2 has 
improved Plone 2.05 migration scripts.

Geoff's availability to return to Camp Five planning resumes in three weeks.

There is much going on in our lively local Python community.


Chris Calloway
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