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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Jan 12 18:21:25 CET 2006

Edmund Moseley wrote:
> Any idea as to where, when and how much the next local Plone Boot Camp 
> will be?

Plone Boot Camp will need a reschedule and possibly relocate if we get 
Joel Burton again, which I think is *highly* advisable given the 
extremely high quality of his instruction. Given that I just found out 
about Joel's May 8 - 12 unavailability yesterday, I'll need some time to 
figure this out.

Joel Burton is also giving a four hour "Rapid Plone Boot Camp" for $100 
at PyCon:


> And also the Python Boot Camp?

Python Boot Camp is scheduled for March 13-17 but is now dependent on my 
being able to devote some more time to organizing it (i.e. putting up a 
registration mechanism with solid syllabus and instructor information) 
in the immediate week *and* figuring out what to do about an instructor. 
I've made a review of several for-hire instructors and found them all 
unsuitable for one reason or another (mostly either really bad reviews 
from others or extremely exhorbitant fees or both). I have one candidate 
left to interview.

Given that we wish to stress SciPy and Numeric in the camp, I *may* do 
it myself. (I've taught a similar Java course in the past.) But that 
also depends on my being able to devote the time to preparing it. I 
won't do it myself unless I know well ahead of time I can prepare a 
course which won't waste your time. Also, the scheduled time (picked for 
the availablility of a particularly suitable classroom) is the week 
after Plone Symposium and a probable PrimaGIS (MapServer for Plone) 
sprint I should attend. That complicates matter further as it would mean 
two weeks in a row my boss would be sparing me from my normal duties in 
order to perform work with essentially indirect or tangential benefits.

If you see something posted to trizpug.org in the next week and a half, 
it will mean Python Boot Camp is on for March 13-17.

I'm interested to know if anyone on this list is going to PyCon:



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