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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Jan 12 00:31:08 CET 2006

Edmund Moseley wrote:
> Is this the same as the Plone Boot Camp of Jan 2005?

No. Although it is taught by the same excellent guy.

> If so, how come it is 10 times as expensive or have I just missed 
> something?

It's ten times more expensive because it's being offered by a private 
for profit company out in California instead of your friendly local 
no-overhead user group.

I'm just putting it out there because:

1) it's excellent (we know how good the instructor is),
2) there are some people who can't wait for the next Plone Boot Camp, 
who need it NOW, and for whom cost is no object, and
3) this scheduling of our PBC instructor by Cignex:


puts our plans to have PBC II from May 8 - May 12 (when the super high 
tech classroom is available to us for free) in pretty deep jeopardy. 
Yikes. I knew this was gonna happen. Drats.

We'll figure something out. There are other spaces to have it at other 


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