[triangle-zpug] One Week Warning: Plone Boot Camp

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Feb 21 03:49:14 CET 2006

T. Bryan wrote:
 > Hey, Chris.  I've been a bit busy here, but I wanted to check how the
 > preparations for PBC were looking?

The preparations are going great. Rob Lineberger is doing so much. We'd 
be in really sad shape if it weren't for Rob.

 > How are the numbers?

14 paid as of today. 18 registered. Getting closer.

 > Do you have
 > sufficient support for getting this thing set up this time?  (I 
remember that
 > last time, you said that you took on too many things yourself.)

Rob Lineberger has been putting in more time on this than I can give him 
things to do. Maybe Rob has things he wants help with. :)

There are standing offers from other folks close by also, Dave Powell in 
particular. We'll take more advantage of these offers closer to the week 
of camp. A lot of things can't be done until later.

 > I don't think that I'll be participating this year, but I may have 
time to
 > tackle a thing or two for you.

Our biggest help problem will be finding people who aren't actually 
going to be attending boot camp to help with things *during* boot camp. 
It's a tremendous distraction for a boot camper to have duties during 
boot camp. So it would be good if we could find other people, maybe 
people who have already been to boot camp, to do things like do the 
photography during class, run in food orders to our vendors and pick up 
the lunches, get the coffee started in the morning, and drive the van 
back and forth between the hotel and class in the morning and evening 
(that requires someone from my department, though).

I imagine the Saturday before boot camp will be pretty busy with going 
to Costco, lots of printing and assembling packets and badges, hanging 
signs, etc.. My marine science project is actually hosting a data 
management conference the three work days before boot camp. So that's 
going to be kind of weird.

It's great that Paul Smith is hosting our regular meeting next week, 
also. Lots of people doing different pieces of the whole is nice. We're 
moving along with creating a well oiled machine.

Tomorrow or in the next few days we'll probably start an email list for 
the new campers.


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