[triangle-zpug] Newbie questions

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Feb 17 00:16:41 CET 2006

Rick DeNatale wrote:
> First Newbie question: Is there a faq?

A FAQ for TriZPUG? What's your question? Just about all out answers are 
on our front page.

> I discovered this group via the posting about the boot camp which was
> recently sent to the trilug list.

TriZPUG started one night at a TriLUG meeting. Things come full circle.

> I'm actually in the process of choosing a CMS to help me in my
> volunteer position as a regional coordinator for IPMS/USA which is a
> national society of scale modelers.  I want to set up a site for
> members and chapters in my region and nearby to communicate.  I've
> been looking at drupal and plone, and I'm a little more attracted by
> plone since it seems to have slightly better documentation, plus it's
> officially supported by Ubuntu.

I believe the Ubuntu site is powered by Plone, even.

Here are some CMS resources for making decisions:

http://www.gartner.com/ (fee required for reports)

I think you will find what all of them except ECM have in common as top 
picks is Plone. ECM doesn't evaluate FOSS, even though Plone is 
definitely an ECM.

Drupal ate my site.

> Second Newbie question: I'd like to set it up so that I can capture a
> bit more information from users who register, such as which if any
> chapters they belong to, their national organization membership id (if
> they have one), etc.
> Are there plone products which would let me do this?  If so which do
> y'all recommend.

CMFMember. Be sure to use Plone 2.1.2 and an export of CMFMember from 
SVN rather than a release. No more releases of CMFMember are being made 
because by Plone 2.5, CMFMember will migrate to a product called 
membrane. All the work is going into membrane. However, bug fixes get 
tossed into the CMFMember SVN from time to time.


By Plone 2.5, this will migrate to a product called membrane.

Join the CMFMember email list:


> Third Newbie question: I'd like to have a blog on the site which
> allows others to comment, and perhaps allow selected users to have
> their own blogs, what are the pluses and minus of the various blog
> add-ons for plone?  Drupal seems to have blogging as a basic function.
> I want something easy for non-sophisticated users to read at least.


The more Drupalesque Plone blog product would be SimpleBlog.

The Cadillac Plone blog product would be Quills.

The guys over on the newly formed Plone Blogging mailing list would be 
the ones to direct more detailed questions towards:


Here is the Plone blog of blogs:



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