[triangle-zpug] Plone Boot Camp 2 Registration is OPEN!

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Feb 14 19:46:13 CET 2006

Dave Powell wrote:
> ...i'm having some formatting issues with the application text 
> file...you might want to post a word file...

Hey Dave,

The "application text file" has been replaced with an online 
application. Go use it, please:


To everybody else,

I have a little egg on my face, and I'm sorry. About 3am this morning, I 
finished replacing the "mail in a text file" registration with an online 
form. Only thing is, I forgot to give it sufficient local roles, and if 
you used it, you got either a request to login or insufficient 
privileges. What was insufficiency was my testing. Please accept my 
profuse apologies and try again if you already have. I'm very sorry for 
the inconvenience.

I got in this jam becuase I learned something over again this past 
weekend. The extreme programming rule of "always have something that works."

My plan was, migrate TriZPUG.org to ZEO, migrate TriZPUG.org to Plone 
2.1.2., write a grand registration application that uses CMFMember to 
store registration data, joins up peple who aren't already joined, 
subscribes them to email lists through workflow actions, yada yada, 
yada. And do this between Friday night and Monday morning. After all, he 
did it:


I didn't go quite like that, a you can imagine. Chris Calloway is no 
Joel Burton, as they say. For some reason, I'm having process fork 
problems creating another ZEO instance other than my test instance. So I 
tried 2.1.2 migration without the ZEO. And I have so much third party 
cruft in my Plone instance that 2.1.2 migration  is going to require me 
to do some heavy back tracking. Bleh. Upshot: Sunday night and still no 
registration application. I got to bed kind of stoically numb.

So Monday morning I did a quicky job of last year's "mail me a file" 
registration. Of course, I hate that. So then I spent until the wee 
hours this morning replacing it with an MVC style kludge, just like a 
brain dead former Java programmer would do. And then I forgot to give it 
the permission it needed. Because I wasn't doing that other extreme 
programming rule: *unit test every development step* because...

Always have something that works.

So I was thinking, "it works for me." Of course it does. I'm logged in 
as supreme ruler of the universe.

Let me be your cautionary tale. Progress is made in small incrementally 
refined steps. And write a test case first before you do anything with 
that small incremental step. This is what it means to be a developer.

So I think there's a registration application that works now. Correct me 
if I'm wrong.

> ...also, can i pay the group with a campus PO?...

Nope. TriZPUG is not set up to accept purchase orders from anybody. 
Every Plone conference, well, every conference I've been to, Plone or 
not, has been paid with a credit card and then file a university expense 
report for reimbursement. There's even a line on the reimbursement form 
that says "conference registrations." Every single person who came to 
Boot Camp last year did this and almost half the class was from UNC. I 
know this is a pain. It came up with a couple of people last year. But 
it's beyond organizations much larger than TriZPUG, so I don't feel too 
badly about it.


Chris Calloway
office: 17-6 Venable Hall   phone: (919) 962-4323
mail: Campus Box #3300, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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