[triangle-zpug] enable CMFPlone while creating a new zope instance?

Ben Donnelly bendy at duke.edu
Thu Feb 9 18:23:01 CET 2006

Chris Calloway wrote:

> Second, Bendy, are you thinking of having one Zope instance contain all 
> your Plone instances? 

Nope, I'd like each instance to be completely self contained- the idea 
here is to make Plone sites each time we get a request for file-sharing 
collaboration with non-Duke researchers, so that me, as an Sys Admin 
doesn't have to worry about creating accounts or posting large files to 
our main website, etc. It's a way to turn over file access control to 
the user.

Also, the people, they want RSS feeds. Plone seems like a nearly-turnkey 
solution for a lot of request we're getting. Fresh instances seems a 
convenient way to sandbox these features for folks who I suspect just 
need something to play with.

Since these plone instances are mostly short term, and the PIs or 
students might leave Duke, I'd like to just be able to stop the instance 
and hand them a CD or DVD of thier Data.fs and send them on their way. 
I'm running everything behind Apache, with RewriteRules to each instance.

> You should, and I know you are, spend some time thinking about the 
> management of these sites if there are going to be a lot of them, as I 
> think you are saying there will be.

It's not a huge deal to just manually add the Plone products via the 
ZMI. I'm just looking to script it to avoid making mistakes and to make 
it easier for co-workers to set them up. And to force myself to learn a 
little. Right now, I'm just working a bash script that's pretty much a 
kludge, but I can post it if you're interested. These links are really 
helpful, though, since I'm still just getting a sense of the internals.

Bendy (aw hell, I'll go by bendy on this list too...)

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