[triangle-zpug] enable CMFPlone while creating a new zope instance?

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Thu Feb 9 17:56:55 CET 2006

Chris Calloway wrote:
> I just got a ZEO cluster with processor affinity working last night. 

BTW, here are my really rough notes on how I did this on a minimal FC2 
with pretty undesirable partitioning (artifacts of the hosting company's 
supplied image):


(I don't know why Enfold Desktop made a Document out of it instead of a 

I'll clean this up into a recipe at some point. I know a couple of you 
have been waiting on me to do that. You probably wouldn't want to do 
this the same way, yourself, though. The gyrations I went through were 
all about getting around the limitations of the wacky OS image. The 
hosting company has this trick where they let me pick an image from a 
menu, and they flash my whole hard drive in less than an hour. I picked

There's also no load balancing on this yet. Geoff is the maestro of that 
end of things, though. You should all go to Plone Symposium in New 
Orleans next month so you can see Geoff do his Squid fu. You can go to 
Plone Symposium one week and then come to Plone Boot Camp the next. :)

You do know that Plone Boot Camp is just four and a half weeks away, right?:


Registration opens Monday.


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