[triangle-zpug] enable CMFPlone while creating a new zope instance?

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Feb 8 23:36:39 CET 2006

Ben Donnelly wrote:
> Is this something I can append to the mkzopeinstance.py script, provided 
> I get the Plone files copied to the Products directory of the new zope 
> instance before the script completes?

What Geoff said about app, and then:


See this code for a lot of clues:


particularly class PortalSetup.

Also, this guy:


Jerry McRae, used to work at Duke and is now out on the left coast. He 
had some problems with open sourcing his Plone instance creation 
scripts. But he has them. It's quite possible that Duke owns the 
copyright. Here are his presentations from Vienna last year:


Jerry's email is 1Jerry at morezope with a dot info.

Tell him I sent you.

Jerry worked with th people at DCRI at Duke, (Mike Revoir, Pollie 
Barden, Andrew Corcoran, Peter Anderson. Ping Mike and see if he has 
Instant Instances or Site Product information to share. Mike gave an 
awesome presentation at TriZPUG this past December. You and Mike should 
really meet, Bendy.


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