[triangle-zpug] Request help/advice from Mac-using Pythoneers

David Handy david at handysoftware.com
Wed Aug 16 02:02:30 CEST 2006

Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening I am holding a Python programming workshop for
teenagers (and their parents). One of the attendees is bringing an ibook, a
G4 Mac running Mac OS 10.4. I have run the software for my workshop on Linux
and Windows but not yet on a Mac.

I need to know:

If I download and burn the following file to a CD, does it install a *full*
version of Python including a functional Tkinter and IDLE?


Will it run most Tkinter programs reasonably well?

I keep hearing that the new MacOS is Unix based. Does it support the
ossaudiodev module?  (A long shot but it would be nice.)

I'm correct in assuming it handles zip files just fine out-of-the-box?

Any other thing that a complete newby to Python on the Mac needs to know
before he tries to run and install his Python software on a system he's
never seen before? Usually such unpreparedness is a recipe for disaster...

If someone is feeling especially generous with their time, please go ahead
and download and try the software for my workshop. Run test.py for a general
test (should print stuff and pop up windows) and testsound.py to try the
sound code.


But even just advice and reassurance would be helpful.

David Handy

David Handy
Computer Programming is Fun!
Beginning Computer Programming with Python

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