[triangle-zpug] Help, Ubuntu dapper ate my plone-site

Brad Oaks bradoaks at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 21:25:10 CEST 2006

Hi Rick,

I'm too new to help with your problem, but wanted to let you know that
many of the folks on this list might be in or supporting the Boot Camp
that's going on this week.  That might explain the absence of other
responses to your query.

new to plone/python too,

On 8/9/06, Rick DeNatale <rick.denatale at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sunday, I finally decided to update my server from Ubuntu 5.10 to 6.05,
> When I first tried to bring up zope, it said that it was skipping
> plone-site because it was (old,purged).
> My first thought that there had been some change so I installed the
> plone-site debian package, and then restored various pieces of
> /var/lib/zope2.8/instances/plone-site  from backups, but nothing seems
> to have gotten zope to see my old plone-site.  I'm not sure that my
> theory is correct anyway since I was running zope2.8 before as well.
> I haven't been able to find any docs related to the debian packaging
> which indicate that reconfiguration was necessary.
> My last attempt was to restore the complete /var/lib/zope2.8 from a
> backup before the system upgrade.  Although zope2.8 starts without
> complaining, I still don't see my plone-site in the ZMI.
> I must admit that I've been pretty much a zope/plone neophyte.
> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> --
> Rick DeNatale
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