[triangle-zpug] Alan Runyan and the Plone logo

Dimauro, Frank FDimauro at unch.unc.edu
Fri Apr 28 18:59:38 CEST 2006

Let me clarify my statement:

"He also happened to mention that the Plone logo is copyrighted and that we
should not be using it w/o permission. Even enfold cannot use it w/o
permission.( I wonder if PBC was in violation? )"

Alan didn't actually say that we (i.e. Trizpug) should not be using the
logo. He meant more a general "we", as in generally speaking, the general
public cannot go about and use the logo w/o permission. He did not target
PBC or TRIZPUG or anyone else. He was just making a general statement.

Sorry about the confusion.

Frank DiMauro 

"When you think of the Internet, don't think of Mack trucks full of widgets
destined for distributorships, whizzing by countless billboards. 
Think of a table for two. "
-The Cluetrain Manifesto

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