[triangle-zpug] Graphics/CSS Skinning Contract for Plone Site(s)

Ben Best bbest at duke.edu
Mon Apr 17 19:14:41 CEST 2006

Hi All,

Please let me know if you or someone you know, preferably a local company,
are capable and interested in a Plone graphics/CSS contract.  A portfolio
and/or links to related past work are appreciated.

Our research project site, OBIS-SEAMAP <http://seamap.env.duke.edu>, has
some monies to devote towards redesigning the look of the site, more similar
to our school's site <http://www.env.duke.edu>.  We will need to invoice
this contract before a grant expires by the end of June.  The graphics
should be integrated with the Plone CSS (like:
,  tutorial<http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/where-is-what/whereiswhat>and
2003talk <http://plone.org/events/conferences/1/archive/customizingplone>),
a la CSS Zen Garden <http://www.csszengarden.com/>.  We have some other
sites (CMC <http://marineconservation.duke.edu>,
that we'll be considering for redesign work as well.

Thanks a bunch, Ben

Ben Best
Associate in Research
A321 LSRC, Box 90328
Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0328 USA
phone: +1(919)613-8021
fax: +1(919)684-8741
Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab
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