[triangle-zpug] March meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Apr 7 21:47:41 CEST 2006

T. Bryan wrote:
> I'm going to be out of the Python action for a bit.  I have fencing practice 
> on Tuesdays.

OK, we made the change to Tuesday to accomodate David Handy at his 
suggestion, who now tells me he is out of TriZPUG commission for some 

Give me some +1s for changing back to Wednesday and the April meeting at 
UNC will be on Wednesday.

Frank, do you still want to present UNC HealthCase / Enfold Server for 
the April meeting?

Mike, sorry about the publication of notices. After my last email to 
this list, I was gone for two weeks. Soon I will send y'all a link to a 
Plone site where you can see photos of what some areas of the Gulf Coast 
look like seven months after Katrina. Suffice to say, you'd better hope 
nothing like that ever happens here. Also, it seemed nearly every debris 
pile contains a home computer. I found a Casio keyboard washed up on the 

I should note that there are about six or seven managers of the site who 
could publish. Since you took the initiative to organize the March 
meeting spot, Mike, you are now a site manager on trizpug.org.

Many thanks to all who participated in and/or help out with Plone Boot 
Camp 2. It was a big success with 43 campers.


Chris Calloway
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