[triangle-zpug] September meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Sep 28 23:09:28 CEST 2005

Four people showed up for the "cancelled" meeting last night: Geoff 
Dave, Robert Petrusz, Rob Lineberger, and myself.

We decided to ask for the October meeting to be at NCSU. Thomas, would 
that be OK?

We decided to post a year's worth of meeting notices to the website to 
improve participation. We decided to populate each notice with at least 
one ten minute quick talk to keep from boring anybody to terribly much. 
Geoff has volunteered for quick talks at the next four meetings (Geoff, 
beside psyco, what were the rest?). If you simply have a nifty Python 
thing you've tried, please give it a quick talk.

Before Geoff arrived, there was a brief "lightning talk" styled PloneCon 
recap about a few conference presentations, specifically AZAZ, Fluid, 
ATCT, Generic Plone Content, and ATSENG. We will have a meeting program 
on ATCT later.

When Geoff arrived, we retreated to Lucy's for dinner and beers. We 
discussed boot camps.

We decided on a fairly sophisticated plan for Jan 5-9 to host Camp Five: 
Advanced Enterprise Plone in Phillips 328. There is a tentative plan to 
do a less community led (due to lack of wiki participation)/more paid 
instructor led Python Boot Camp in February in preparation for a repeat 
of Plone Boot Camp March 13-18 with Joel Burton. The Python Boot Camp 
will have a scientific bent, with at least a day spent on SciPy, 
Numeric, and/or BioPy. Plone Boot Camp will be in Phillips 328. Python 
Boot Camp may be at the Friday Center or at Duke. Dates for Python Boot 
Camp have not been set, but it should be before Plone Boot Camp.

It may be possible to split Python Boot Camp into two: basic Python in 
February prior to Plone Boot Camp, and scientific Python in April or May 
after Plone Boot Camp.

Camp Five will consist of two parts: two days tutorial and three days 
sprint. The two days of tutorial will be mostly advanced and enterprise 
Plone with some Zope3 and Five. The sprint will focus on developing 
GoldEgg oriented CMF and Five products and documentation. The camp will 
be facilitated by six of the top Zope3/CMF/Five developers (to be 
announced, we have a short list, all of whom have already pre-accepted). 
Chris (GoldEgg Working Group) is handling the business of Camp Five 
while Geoff and Whit Morris (both of the Plone Framework Committee) will 
be coordinating the content.

Camp Five participants will have pre-camp homework consisting of at 
least a) reading a Zope 3 book (either Stephan Richter's or Philipp von 
Weitershausen's), b) completing the online Five Tutorial, c) completing 
a Five or Zope3 based product that meets certain criteria including unit 
tests, and d) completing a high level design for an assigned sprint 
project to be implemented at the sprint.

Some possible sprint projects:

a) packaging The Collective in python eggs,
b) Five-ifying projects in The Collective
c) portal_subscriptions for CMF2
d) quality documentation projects

The cost will be $150 for participants who complete all the pre-camp 
homework, $250 for those who don't, and $150 for the tutorial days only.

The sprint will be divided into those who qualified for a discount, and 
those who didn't, with different assignments and different levels of 
assistance to each. The more advanced sprinters will have more mentors 
but less hands on advising. The less advanced sprinters will have fewer 
mentors, but more hands on advising.

We may be able to take up to 30 participants, however, that number might 
be revised downwards in light of what activities will need to be 
completed at the sprint. The Plone framework team and Project GoldEgg 
are advising on the needs for the sprint.

We are actively looking for sponsors or Camp Five. If your organization 
or one you could recruit could sponsor a day of Camp Five for $500 
(basically, a day's cost of putting up our out of town mentors), please 
contact me as soon as possible. We are seeding Camp Five with money left 
over from Plone Boot Camp 2005, but we need more assistance.

Please circulate this interest among your contacts, and please indicate 
your interest in:

1) Camp Five: Advanced Enterprise Plone
2) Python Boot Camp: Scientific Python
3) Plone Boot Camp 2006 (updated with ATCT and Plone 2.1)

Camp Five event is being circulated to all East Coast Python/Zope/Plone 
groups. There will be a couple of socials and a "Taste of Chapel Hill" 
band house party in conjuction with Camp Five. There is a possibility 
that successful participants in Camp Five may be granted either GoldEgg 
or Plone Foundation "certified developers." We're working on that one.

If I have erred or overstepped in any of these descriptions, please do 
correct me.


Chris Calloway
office: 17-6 Venable Hall   phone: (919) 962-4323
mail: Campus Box #3300, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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