2 for October? Re: [triangle-zpug] September meeting

Mark R. Biggers biggers at utsl.com
Tue Sep 27 04:06:55 CEST 2005

Hi Chris,

I am interested - but will I be A Python Army of One? ;)  It's a long
drive from west of Winston... :(

Chris, we are all interested in your PloneCon trip, ZODB insights and
other such good stuff.

Maybe we need two meetings in October?   You all make the call.


Chris Calloway writes:
 > Ben Best wrote:
 > > Hmmm... do we have any presenters or ideas for how to direct tomorrow's 
 > > meeting?  I've recruited Mike Revoir from Duke Clinical Research 
 > > Institute to give a talk on using ArchGenXML 
 > > <http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/archgenxml-getting-started> to 
 > > generate a Plone products/sites from simple UML diagrams,  but he's out 
 > > of town this week so that'll have to wait until next month.  I'm pretty 
 > > slammed with homework and regular work the next couple of days, so might 
 > > not make it unless I get lured by some bright ideas.
 > Thanks for asking. Since no one stepped up to the bar yet, I'm trying to 
 > put something together today concerning ZODB Persistence Mapping, sort 
 > of part 2 to last month's beginning ZODB. I'm thinking I'll do ZODB 
 > ZCatalog at a future meeting, making altoghether a three part ZODB quick 
 > course. If not that, then a PloneCon recap this month. I was trying to 
 > put together meeting announcements when your email came through.
 > Who wants to come to Phillips 328 tomorrow night at 7pm?

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