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I'm not planning to attend. It would be nice but I'm slammed at this point 
as well.


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Re: [triangle-zpug] September meeting

Chris Calloway wrote:
 > I'm trying to
> put something together today concerning ZODB Persistence Mapping

Yo, so after getting back from PloneCon at 1am this morning, I'm feeling 
like I cannot do this subject justice before tomorrow night.

So who would come to UNC tomorrow (Tuesday) night for just a recap of 
PloneCon and whatever else we'd like to talk about? including:

1) I may be jumping the gun by mentioning this, but time is ticking on 
the clock. Something Geoff Davis, Whit Morris, and I are preparing for 
roughly Jan 5-9 at UNC will be called either "Camp Five" or "Advanced 
Plone" or "Enterprise Plone," which is half instruction/half sprint. The 
Plone Foundation *may be considering* (that is, it was mentioned at the 
PloneCon GoodEgg workshop by the PF executive director Paul Everitt) 
granting "Certified Plone Developer" or "GoldEgg Certified" diplomas 
based on completion of this camp. We'd bring in *six* of the top Plone 
development rockstars to mentor participants. The sprint would be 
required this time. It will be inexpensive like Plone Boot Camp (less 
than or equal to $250). Note: this camp bridges a weekend. We'd like to 
hear your feedback, interest, ideas, etc. as we are in the gauging 
interest phase of planning.

2) Plone Boot Camp 2006 scheduled for March 13-18, 2006. The 
incomparable Joel Burton is available and willing to instruct.

3) More kicking of the tires that is/may be Python Boot Camp and what 
form it would be in. Only a couple of you have even touched the wiki 
(thanks Frank and David!). Remember, this is open source. If you don't 
participate, you can't be well served.


Chris Calloway
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