[triangle-zpug] Plone 2.1 demo

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri Sep 9 23:05:23 CEST 2005

Rob Lineberger wrote:
> No hurry here.  I'm still going through my notes from the Cignex 
> training.  But if the ZEO install is different, I'll hold off for that 
> because I'll be deploying on a 4 CPU server.

Dog, you rock. So, I'll make sure the recipe covers processor affinity, 
which you will need to do with a 4 way server. You ZEO is gonna be great.

OK, the Plone 2.1 demo server is back up now:


so apparently, the service to restart plone in the recipe worked. :)

To answer the question from "cjj," on the demo site, short names are 
turned off by default in Plone 2.1 (they can be enabled by managers), I 
think? Plone 2.1 creates short names by lowercasing and hyphenating your 
item titles (as well as some other special character replacements). I 
left the default for short names the way it was because I wanted to see 
how short names would be generated (or maybe it turned it off, I can't 
remember). I found that I really like the new short naming generation 
much better than the way it worked in Plone 2.05, so I left "no short 
names" as the default.

Also, internal linking is not so much of a pain until you realize it is 
using UIDs. If you move or rename an internally linked page, all the 
internal links follow the UID. You can always external link a folder. 
But maybe you might want to file a bug in Plone Collector to say, hey, 
let us internal link folders. Idunno whether folders have UIDs or not. I 
think internal links are way cool. I think the intended behavior might 
be to internal link the index_html of a folder instead of relying on 

Finally, last question's answer, the default view for a folder is now 
chosen with the "display" pull down in the folder_contents ("choose 
content item as default view"). I don't know how it is doing this, 
because it is not changing the short id to index_html. Anybody? Has 
default view now become a folder property?


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