[triangle-zpug] Why Python by Eric Raymond

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Thu Sep 8 05:24:24 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 02:10 pm, Chris Rossi wrote:

> Has anybody done much GUI with Python?  

Not much, but I've played with it about as much as I've played with Plone.  

> What's the best/easiest to use/most common toolkit for GUI apps these days? 

Possibly wxPython.  It's hard to tell, and there are several toolkits and some 
additional libraries on top of those toolkits.  

I haven't really messed with pyGTK.  I've tried pyQt, and it's a 
nicely-wrapped library.  If you like the look of Qt apps, you'll like pyQt.  
Signals and slots is very similar to .Net's events and delegates, IMO.  It's 
a nice model for programming callbacks.

wxPython feels like it has a bit more nonsense in it, like event ID numbers, 
but the library feels very natural from Python.  The other bonus is that 
wxPython work is very active.  The demo.py and sample that come with wxPython 
are probably all an experienced GUI person would need to make some really 
nice UIs.  The mailing list is also active, and the maintainer of wxPython 
answers questions there daily.

My biggest problem was that I didn't find any really nice GUI builders for 
Python.  There were some that saved the GUI widgets and layout as XML (for 
C++ developers) that had converters from the XML to python code.  The other 
GUI builders I tried (BlackAdder and Boa Constructor, mostly) were very 
unstable (crashing with segfaults).  

> Also is there de facto standard for image manipulation?  

I second PIL.  Great library.  It's one of those on my list of "install with 
every Python installation whether I know that I need it right now or not."


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