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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Sep 7 01:00:47 CEST 2005

Brad Oaks wrote:
> ( The nonprofit I volunteer with is headed towards using plone.  I'm
> interested in learning how to backup an instance, and if there is an
> way to have a staging instance for development, and then easily launch
> or sync to a production site -- code and content. )

I think Jerry McRae's last two TriZPUG presentations covered some of 
this. There might be more on the web about it after he presents it Plone 


Backup: the repozo.py script is part of more recent Zope tarballs:


Many folks repozo and then rsync.

There are various Plone staging projects in various states of undress. A 
lot of folks are depending on Zope 3 to eventually fix everything in 
staging/versioning departments. I've done all kinds of things including 
moving a Data.fs from development to production, exporting/importing a 
pickle of an entire Plone site, WebDAV, FTP, and PloneDesktop.

A lot of work has gone on with:


which includes the current state of CMFStaging and ZopeVersionControl.

You can stage code through the filesystem. A tool that can help is:


There are some content deployment products. I'm not crazy about 
CMFDeployment (it's a framework rather than a finished product), but 
here it is:


The current best practice seems to be code on the filesystem (thus, 
traditional staging/versioning tools), content in the ZODB (thus, 
various hairy staging schemes). The thinking, in proper separation of 
content from evertything else, is content is contributed by users and 
users use the production system, so why they heck would anybody stage 
content in any way other than workflow? I think the practice is, few 
sites are that collaborative, with content development happening along 
with code development (using a CMS as a framework instead of as a CMS).

You might be able to make use of this (does anybody know what happened 
to CMFExtFile?):


This project is ancient:



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