[triangle-zpug] Why Python by Eric Raymond

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Sep 6 21:54:41 CEST 2005

Chris Rossi wrote:
> Has anybody done much GUI with Python?  What's the best/easiest to 
> use/most common toolkit for GUI apps these days?

This is why you should come to TriZPUG meetings. So you can see Tom 
Bryan not only give exhaustive tutorials on WxPython, but also compare 
it to every other GUI toolkit out there:


That was probably the meatiest TriZPUG meeting ever.

Not listed above, though, is Tkinter:


which is kind of a dog, but might be the most common. It's slighly 
better than an ncurses interface.

> Also is there de facto 
> standard for image manipulation?  All I need to do is read, scale and 
> display jpegs.

Python Image Library (PIL) will do this:


Well, at least the read and scale part. You need the GUI to display. PIL 
includes TK PhotoImage and Tk BitMapImage (for use with the 
aforementioned TKinter) and Windows DIB, which is supposed to work with 
WinPython (but I don't know how). X and Mac should use:


with PIL. PIL is part of batteries included Python, I think. There are 
Python bindings for ImageMagick that suck and are poorly maintained. If 
PIL finds ImageMagick libraries, though, it will use them, although I 
cannot figure out how (like how to do that cool ImageMagick watermarking 
with PIL).

Ditto what Geoff said about libjpeg. This is a common enough gotcha when 
using PIL on Linux servers (as opposed to Linux desktops, which will 
certainly already have it installed).


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