[triangle-zpug] October meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Oct 18 20:44:18 CEST 2005

Mike Revoir wrote:
> I'd be happy to give 15 minutes or so on ArchGenXML if no other topics 
> present themselves (since it doesn't tie directly to Goeff's psyco talk 
> or the upcoming Camp Five.) Since Ben asked me to talk about it, if I do 
> I'd prefer the 6th since he'll be here; otherwise it doesn't matter to 
> me and I can present next year.

Mike, can you do ArchGenXML for the October meeting? And then you could 
talk about it as long as you'd like. :) Our plans for October kind of 
fell apart because some people who had prepared talks are not going to 
be able to attend.

People, ArchGenXML is cool. It let's you use a UML tool to draw a class 
diagram for your Archtypes. The UML is exported as XML from the tool. 
Then ArchGenXML takes the XML and actually generates Python code for a 
working Archetypes product. You can drop the product right onto your 
Plone site, and all you have to know is how to draw UML class diagrams, 
which even Java programmers know how to do. :)


ArchGenXML, athough it's been around since 2004, has been the subject of 
recent intense sprinting development.


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