[triangle-zpug] October meeting

Geoff Davis geoff at geoffdavis.net
Thu Oct 13 23:21:09 CEST 2005

Hi all--

I had promised Chris I would give a quick (~10 minute) talk at the next
ZPUG meeting, but it turns out I will be at a Plone/CMF sprint that
week.  I thought it might be worth postponing until the next meeting,
but then I realized that the next 2 meetings take place (more or less)
during the weeks Thanksgiving and Christmas.

When's the next meeting?  If the answer is "early 2006" I might be able
to put together some powerpoint slides and see if I can find somebody to
give them (or maybe even arrange to give them via phone).  I was
planning to do a quick talk on psyco, the python compiler.


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