[triangle-zpug] Python/Zope/Plone community efforts

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Nov 23 16:07:27 CET 2005

There's an effort headed up by Nate Aune of the Boston PIGgies to get 
all the Plone-interested PUGs to cross-syndication all their material 
including meeting presentations. I'm working to get that happening with 
trizpug.org, but it will happen slowly. You should be aware of some 
things that have shaken out of that:


If you have a plone blog, you can feed it to Planet Plone.

There's some discussion headed by Nate Aune about how the various PIGs, 
PUGs, Plone Gatherings, and "PloneLounges" are going to plug into that. 
The question is whether to use Quills, or what:


There are people who successfully use Quills, and they have quite a few 
caveats about other people doing that:


Is there interest in a TriZPUG community blog (like, say, 
theploneblog.org linked above)? Do any of you already have blogs? Would 
it be better to aggregate your existing blogs on trizpug.org (and then 
refeed that to Planet Plon) rather than run a community blog on 
trizpug.org? If we aggregate individual blogs rather than community 
blog, are you willing to adjust your feeds to something an aggregator 
can handle. Remember, we still need to have capability to feed other 
trizpug.org new content, like meeting presentations and announcements, 
other than just a possible community blog. It would be simpler to 
community blog. But we don't want to usurp existing blogs among our own 
local community. Thoughts?

I had a blog for about six months. Because it seems weird to me that 
there are people who seem to have nothing more to do that blog every 
day, my blog had about two entries per month. I only blogged about what 
I was actually doing, rather than comment on every passing open source 
issue that seemed to cross my mind. After six months, I took the blog 
down after reading an article about an academic search committee who 
rejected some applicants based on what they saw after snooping around on 
applicants' blogs. That was probably chickenshit of me. But it freaked 
me out at the time. Especially after reading the things the search 
committee nitpicked over in the applicants' blogs.

I think I'd feel safer with a community blog to which we all contributed 
what we're working on.


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