[triangle-zpug] November and December meetings

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Tue Nov 22 22:39:36 CET 2005

I'd be happy to do a little presentation on psyco.  It won't be something
long enough for the whole meeting -- probably more like 10-15 minutes.
While the big presentations are great when we can get them, I think it might
be easier to get a bunch of short presentations each time rather than trying
to get longer ones.  (That being said, I'd love to learn more about
ArchGenXML, DistUtils, and Eggs and am hoping that those will happen soon)

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This is fourth Tuesday. I haven't seen a meeting announcement.

It was Duke's turn. Based on a previously published rotation and vote we 
took, I put up a calendar item for December at UNC.

The question is, should the December 6 meeting be at Duke or UNC? It's 
Duke's turn and UNC is previously scheduled for December. Speak up now 
so more meeting announcements can be broadcast.

I changed the December topic to DistUtils and Python Eggs. Remember, 
we'd like lots of short talks on a number of topics. You can always add 
more topics to a meeting. If you have a topic you'd like to speak on, 
speak up.


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