[triangle-zpug] Tomorrow's meeting

Ben Best bbest at duke.edu
Tue May 24 19:14:21 CEST 2005

Hi All,

I just want to reiterate the reminder of tomorrow evening's festivities.
I'll have cold beers to share, and be prepared for the rapier wit of these
awesome presenters (congrats, Tom on the fencing win -- apologies to all for
the play on words)!

  Tri-ZPUG May 2005 Meeting: Dream Team Lightning Talks
    Wednesday, May 25th 7-9pm
    directions: http://trizpug.org/Members/bbest/to_duke_env

  Geoff Davis
  - CMFMember, a configurable membership product for Plone

  Jim Allman
  - BusyB, an automated build system written in Python

  Chris Calloway
  - list comprehensions, tips and tricks for using this dynamic data
structure in Python
  - Plone Desktop, Windows Explorer for Plone

  - Python Boot Camp preparations

Hope to see you there, Ben (cell: 308-7754, work: 613-8021)

> I plan to be at the meeting this Wednesday.  :-)
> Thanks to everyone involved in organizing it while I wasn't 
> paying attention.  
> It's great news that the group is finally building up enough 
> momentum that meetings happen even when I'm not bullying 
> people to give some sort of talk.
> While work is just starting to become more busy, the last 
> couple of months have been wicked busy for me.  Mostly good 
> stuff, including [bragging] winning this year's Men's Foil 
> event at the North Carolina Div II Fencing Championship [/bragging].  
> http://askfred.net/Results/results.php?tournament_id=925#3817
> See you tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to the lightening talks.  
> ---Tom
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