[triangle-zpug] Fwd: Python itern opportunity

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Sun May 8 19:17:41 CEST 2005

As seen on the TriLUG list.  I thought someone here might know someone who 
would be interested.


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Subject: [TriLUG] Looking for a part-time intern to do some programming
Date: Friday 06 May 2005 02:47 pm
From: jonc at nc.rr.com
To: trilug at trilug.org

I have a project whose deadline has come and gone... So I'm firing
myself from the project (or rather, I'm elevating myself to manager
level) and looking for an intern who knows a little python and is
looking to learn more.

The pay is $8 - $12/hour (depending on programming experience) and we
are looking for them to show up here in Apex and work 12-20
hours/week. It's perfect for a student on vacation.

The project is writing some applications in Python (or something
similar) that talk to a phone server via UDP and extract information
from the server in real-time. They'll need to parse that data on the
fly and post it to either a database or a set of XML files.

We are definitely willing to train the person and guide them on this
journey. We are not missing the know-how, just the uninterrupted man-

We run a successful VoIP telephone company here in the Triangle, and
have lots more projects similar to this one on our shelves. If this
project turns out well it *will* lead to many more.

If anyone is interested please contact me via email (jonc at nc.rr.com).

Thanks for your time,

Jon Carnes
FeatureTel, North Carolina's business VoIP provider.

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