[triangle-zpug] printing woes

Dimauro, Frank FDimauro at unch.unc.edu
Sun May 8 03:22:00 CEST 2005

Thanks for your suggestions. Thanks all who responded. I also came across
this piece of advice from zope news online.
Frank DiMauro

Printing woes and some answers

Michael Tiller posted a solution to various printing problems with
Plone:"First, one of the lingering issues seems to be sizing of the text
area. The main symptom to watch out for is clipping of text on the right
margin. I found a solution for IE which was to add:

    body {

      padding-right: 1em;


"...to my CSS. A little sloppy, but it is better than having the odd last
character on a line missing or partially visible."

"Second, in IE it seems that it gets unhappy when printing sometimes and
decides not to show text or images sometimes. I found this in the archives
of the mailing list. The solution was to add this to ploneCustom.css:

    #content { height: 100%; }

"Next up is an issue that I saw with both Mozilla and Opera. The printing
for both was awful. I saw overlapping text, embedded URLs and clipping on
the right (that wasn't solved with the IE trick above). Long story short -
there was something in plonePrint.css that added these embedded URLs and
when I got rid of that stuff all other (seemingly unrelated) Mozilla and
Opera issues went away too. My assessment? This fragment of CSS code in
plonePrint.css is pure evil (or at least more trouble than it is worth):

    #content a:link:after,

    #content a:visited:after {

       content: " ( " attr(href) " ) ";


Those changes seemed to fix everything.

"The first two changes I mentioned could probably be added to the IE fixes
CSS. The third one I would suggest applying to the standard plonePrint.css
not just because it fixes some issues with printing under Mozilla and Opera
but because I also think it looks much nicer."

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