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TJ Stankus tjstankus at yahoo.com
Fri May 6 20:52:08 CEST 2005

As usual Chris's detailed answer is the more helpful one. :)

One other thing to consider, that I thought of afterwards, is PDF generation. For a couple of
sites that I've worked on, the customer preferred PDFs to Print widgets because printing from the
browser is confusing to some users.


--- Chris Calloway <cbc at unc.edu> wrote:
> Dimauro, Frank wrote:
> > Does anyone out there know of a "printer friendly" button/widget option that
> > can be added to Plone template pages? My Plone site pages when printed
> > result in truncated text on the right hand side and this is a growing
> > problem. I have a "print" button option but it just prompts the print
> > function.
> So, I'm assuming you are printing by clicking on the Plone print icon in 
> the upper right of Plone main slot?
> TJ is right. There are lots of browser issues with printing. It's 
> possible your printer driver offers a "fit to page" selection which may 
> or not work with your browser.
> I customized plonePrint.css to do a lot of things. One of my many bosses 
> wanted site pages to print more than just the main slot. She wanted the 
> site logo, nav bar, portlets, and all the elements normally hidden from 
> printing to print. She hated that Plone replaced the link text with the 
> actual link URL (which a lot of people think is cool and it is at least 
> a *very* cool CSS trick). A better solution might be to highlight the 
> link text and then place the link URL in brackets afterwards. So I 
> customized plonePrint.css to change all that. The customer is always 
> right, right?
> You could add something to the plonePrint.css body tag style to set an 
> absolute width to the page which would fit you printer, given the fonts 
> you use. I haven't tried it. So as with all things CSS, you'll have to 
> fudge with it a long while to get it to work in all browsers and all 
> printers.
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