[triangle-zpug] FW: printer friendly option for Plone

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Fri May 6 19:58:39 CEST 2005

Dimauro, Frank wrote:
> Does anyone out there know of a "printer friendly" button/widget option that
> can be added to Plone template pages? My Plone site pages when printed
> result in truncated text on the right hand side and this is a growing
> problem. I have a "print" button option but it just prompts the print
> function.

So, I'm assuming you are printing by clicking on the Plone print icon in 
the upper right of Plone main slot?

TJ is right. There are lots of browser issues with printing. It's 
possible your printer driver offers a "fit to page" selection which may 
or not work with your browser.

I customized plonePrint.css to do a lot of things. One of my many bosses 
wanted site pages to print more than just the main slot. She wanted the 
site logo, nav bar, portlets, and all the elements normally hidden from 
printing to print. She hated that Plone replaced the link text with the 
actual link URL (which a lot of people think is cool and it is at least 
a *very* cool CSS trick). A better solution might be to highlight the 
link text and then place the link URL in brackets afterwards. So I 
customized plonePrint.css to change all that. The customer is always 
right, right?

You could add something to the plonePrint.css body tag style to set an 
absolute width to the page which would fit you printer, given the fonts 
you use. I haven't tried it. So as with all things CSS, you'll have to 
fudge with it a long while to get it to work in all browsers and all 


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