[triangle-zpug] [Plone]: Plone Desktop now free for non-commerical use

TJ Stankus tjstankus at yahoo.com
Mon May 2 19:18:13 CEST 2005

Sort of OT here, but in a vanilla Zope site using the old-school Photo/PhotoFolder product, you
can do something very similar by bulk FTP'ing images to a Photo Folder. It's actually quite handy.
I've not tried with CMFPhoto.


--- Chris Calloway <cbc at unc.edu> wrote:
> Dimauro, Frank wrote:
> > Chris
> > Would you be willing to demo plone desktop at the next trizpug meeting?
> If it hasn't been done already, sure, yes.
> The main thing it's buying me is mutliple file upload. I'd asked 
> previously if it would be possible to construct an edit form to upload 
> multiple, say, image files and create mutliple image objects from them. 
> This is something I have to do all the time. The feedback I got was, oh, 
> that would be really really hard.
> With PloneDesktop, I just drag a whole bunch of local images to an 
> Explorer folder and bam, they made multiple image items on the server in 
> a Plone Folder. Then I went into content_type_registry. I changed the 
> action for files with extensions of PNG (and it *is* case sensitive) to 
> create CMFPhoto objects instead. Then I dragged a bunch of images to a 
> folder again and bam, they all made CMFPhoto items. It pretty much works 
> for any generic file extension/item type mapping, as long as the file 
> contains the body attribute of the item being created and the filename 
> is a valid short id. All of the other properties/metadata, like titles 
> and descriptions, remain blank when you do this. But you can easily edit 
> most of them, including the Discussion Allowed flag and sharing users 
> and groups, through Windows dialogs on PloneDesktop. (For some reason, 
> it omits copyright, keywords, effective date, and expiration date in the 
> properties dialog. This may be extensible for all I know.) Properties 
> also seemed to update on the fly without a WebDAV checkin/checkout or 
> lock. It sure beats TTW object creation and editing, lemme tell ya.
> BTW, if you are installing the server side portion of CMFDesktop on 
> Linux, I recommend looking at the resolution of this bug report:
> http://www.enfoldsystems.com/Support/Desktop/15
> That was me who filed it (and was too stupid/distracted to add a title 
> to the collector item before submitting). Andy McKay answered it with a 
> fix which worked within three hours of my asking. Which is another great 
> thing about PloneDesktop: Enfold Systems support is fantastic. And 
> PloneDesktop comes with more (illustrated) documentation than a ten year 
> old Perl module. Anyway, Andy's answer indicated that one of my other 
> products might be to blame for the bug. Essentially, the 
> permission_roles property had been either deleted from my state 
> variable, it was never created in the first place, or there's a 
> namespace or acquisition problem. Idunno. But I was installing on an 
> almost virgin instance of Plone 2.05, with only an AT upgrade, 
> CMFMember, CMFPhoto, Zwiki, and CSSManager. So you might see the same 
> thing, or Enfold might have released a new build by now with the fix 
> built in.
> Another caveat: PloneDesktop only works on *Plone Folders*, not 
> folderish items. It doesn't work on items in your site root, which is 
> *not* a Plone folder (it's a Plone Site item in Zope). It doesn't work 
> in CMFPhotoAlbums, which is folderish, and a Plone item, but not a Plone 
> Folder item. To populate a CMFPhotoAlbum with a bunch of CMFPhotos, I 
> first created CMFPhotos with PloneDesktop in a Plone Folder, then cut 
> and pasted the CMFPhotos from the Plone Folder to a CMFPhotoAlbum.
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