[triangle-zpug] [Plone]: Plone Desktop now free for non-commerical use

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Mon May 2 18:27:58 CEST 2005

Dimauro, Frank wrote:
> Chris
> Would you be willing to demo plone desktop at the next trizpug meeting?

If it hasn't been done already, sure, yes.

The main thing it's buying me is mutliple file upload. I'd asked 
previously if it would be possible to construct an edit form to upload 
multiple, say, image files and create mutliple image objects from them. 
This is something I have to do all the time. The feedback I got was, oh, 
that would be really really hard.

With PloneDesktop, I just drag a whole bunch of local images to an 
Explorer folder and bam, they made multiple image items on the server in 
a Plone Folder. Then I went into content_type_registry. I changed the 
action for files with extensions of PNG (and it *is* case sensitive) to 
create CMFPhoto objects instead. Then I dragged a bunch of images to a 
folder again and bam, they all made CMFPhoto items. It pretty much works 
for any generic file extension/item type mapping, as long as the file 
contains the body attribute of the item being created and the filename 
is a valid short id. All of the other properties/metadata, like titles 
and descriptions, remain blank when you do this. But you can easily edit 
most of them, including the Discussion Allowed flag and sharing users 
and groups, through Windows dialogs on PloneDesktop. (For some reason, 
it omits copyright, keywords, effective date, and expiration date in the 
properties dialog. This may be extensible for all I know.) Properties 
also seemed to update on the fly without a WebDAV checkin/checkout or 
lock. It sure beats TTW object creation and editing, lemme tell ya.

BTW, if you are installing the server side portion of CMFDesktop on 
Linux, I recommend looking at the resolution of this bug report:


That was me who filed it (and was too stupid/distracted to add a title 
to the collector item before submitting). Andy McKay answered it with a 
fix which worked within three hours of my asking. Which is another great 
thing about PloneDesktop: Enfold Systems support is fantastic. And 
PloneDesktop comes with more (illustrated) documentation than a ten year 
old Perl module. Anyway, Andy's answer indicated that one of my other 
products might be to blame for the bug. Essentially, the 
permission_roles property had been either deleted from my state 
variable, it was never created in the first place, or there's a 
namespace or acquisition problem. Idunno. But I was installing on an 
almost virgin instance of Plone 2.05, with only an AT upgrade, 
CMFMember, CMFPhoto, Zwiki, and CSSManager. So you might see the same 
thing, or Enfold might have released a new build by now with the fix 
built in.

Another caveat: PloneDesktop only works on *Plone Folders*, not 
folderish items. It doesn't work on items in your site root, which is 
*not* a Plone folder (it's a Plone Site item in Zope). It doesn't work 
in CMFPhotoAlbums, which is folderish, and a Plone item, but not a Plone 
Folder item. To populate a CMFPhotoAlbum with a bunch of CMFPhotos, I 
first created CMFPhotos with PloneDesktop in a Plone Folder, then cut 
and pasted the CMFPhotos from the Plone Folder to a CMFPhotoAlbum.


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