[triangle-zpug] March meeting?

David Handy david at handysoftware.com
Mon Mar 14 14:22:07 CET 2005

Hi Tom & all --

On Sun, Mar 13, 2005 at 02:48:16PM -0500, T. Bryan wrote:
> On Friday 04 March 2005 17:07, Tom Bryan wrote:
> > > Is the next meeting March 23?
> >
> > Yes.  Always the 4th Wednesday.  Could you put something together by then?
> > That's the week of PyCon DC, but I don't think (m)any of our members will
> > be away at that conference.  I believe that our schedule is supposed to
> > take us back to UNC for that meeting.
> > 
> > > Finally, it appears there are no conflicts
> > > this month, I should really be there this time. Honest. And I'm already
> > > prepared to show stuff.
> >
> > Excellent.  It takes me some time to put my thoughts together, and for the
> > next couple of months, my (fencing) competition schedule won't leave me
> > time to do much with TriZPUG other than send out reminders and attend the
> > meetings.
> Okay.  I was serious when I said that my new job + fencing competitions will 
> take up most of my time for the next couple of months.  I've heard no news 
> discussion our March meeting.  Is it happening?  Will it still be at UNC?  Is 
> David Handy giving a talk?  If not, is someone else scheduled?
> ---Tom

Yes, I am still planning on giving a talk. There's not been much discussion,
other than someone chiming in on this list that they were interested in the
topic, Python's new-style classes.

I am about half-way through preparing some "slides" consisting of modules
with comments and some sample code, which I will use as talking points for
my presentation. Here is my agenda:

    What is so great about new-style classes?

        1. properties
        2. super()
        3. descriptors
        4. static and class methods

I plan to present on what these things are, how to use them, and *why* they
are useful, with examples.

If this is old stuff to you, feel free to heckle me, chime in with your own
examples, etc.


I seem to have lost the link giving specific directions to where we meet at
UNC. I poked around on trizpug.org and couldn't find it.  Will someone
please post that?

I've only been to one previous meeting before, at UNC. I remember that it
helped that someone had posted signs at strategic places so that I knew that
I was in the right building, right floor, etc. Will someone provide that
service again so I don't get lost? :)

Does our meeting room have a projector that I can hook up to my (ancient)

Does it have network connectivity that I could plug in to (wired, not
wireless) to access my home server? This is not required but would be nice
to have.

Thanks, and hope to see you there on the 23rd,
David Handy

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