[triangle-zpug] (Meta) Why don't you attend TriZPUG meetings?

Tom Bryan tbryan at python.net
Fri Mar 4 23:07:47 CET 2005

On Friday 04 March 2005 01:34 am, David Handy wrote:

> > I'd love to have someone volunteer (hint, hint) to give a talk on one or
> > more of the following more Pythonish topics:
> Point taken. I need to show up and contribute!

Wow!  That usually doesn't work.  ;-)

> > Python language changes since 1.5.2.  I just recently learned list
> > comprehensions, and I still haven't learned new style classes. :-)
> I'm willing to present on new-style classes. I've had a good experience
> lately using new-style classes with a multiple-inheritance class hierarchy,
> using the "cooperative superclass" feature. This completely blows away
> anything Java has! (Or any other programming language I've used.)

That would be excellent.  

> Is the next meeting March 23? 

Yes.  Always the 4th Wednesday.  Could you put something together by then?  
That's the week of PyCon DC, but I don't think (m)any of our members will be 
away at that conference.  I believe that our schedule is supposed to take us 
back to UNC for that meeting.

> Finally, it appears there are no conflicts 
> this month, I should really be there this time. Honest. And I'm already
> prepared to show stuff.

Excellent.  It takes me some time to put my thoughts together, and for the 
next couple of months, my (fencing) competition schedule won't leave me time 
to do much with TriZPUG other than send out reminders and attend the 

> I'm afraid I gave you the wrong impression here. I only get to use Python
> for "infrastructure" work, mostly test related. There just happens to be a
> fair amount of infrastructure-related "script work". The product
> development work I do is all in Java.
> Anyway, I've only been to one meeting so far, but I really enjoyed it, and
> I'm looking forward to meeting with more of you soon.

Glad to hear it!  Welcome to the group.  :-)  We certainly welcome anyone 
who's interested, whether or not they use or even know Python.  

BTW, I'm also back to Java work now.  I'm actually hoping to give a talk about 
Jython later this year.


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